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About Natural Medical Protocols:

This is a database of researched medical information about natural therapeutics. It was written for physicians for use in clinical practice and is employed all over the world in a variety of health-care environments. The information was gathered and organized by a consortium of doctors from various branches of medicine. The data compiled here was taken from research journals (through 2008) and medical books. To see a complete bibliography of sources, click here.

Natural Medical Protocols provides information on natural remedies to treat a specific condition or to simply answer an inquiring patient's questions. Everything in the database is referenced and the research citations are included. Each medical condition lists diet and nutrition, vitamins and minerals, supplements, botanicals, homeopathic remedies and miscellaneous therapies. We also provide specific data about drug-nutrient interactions.

Last year in the U.S., about 75% of the population sought natural or alternative treatments for health problems. This website allows a physician to provide rational, researched treatment information to patients about most common health conditions - natural medicine for the future.

Program specifics:

Natural Medical Protocols is accessed directly over the Internet. This allows you to look at current natural therapeutic data from the office, home or any computer that has a connection to the web. There are thousands of pages of information. Each page has links to detailed information about related topics, all organized to provide maximum efficiency for the busy physician. Try a sample and see what we mean.

As an option, we also provide a self-installing program for your PC that lets you view the information directly on your computer independent of an Internet connection. This is sent you on a CD through the mail.

Purchasing the program:

The purchase price of a one-year, single-user license of Natural Medical Protocols is $240.00 (plus an additional $8.00 if the self-installing CD option is selected). When purchased, you are given an access code which allows you to access the latest data over the Internet from anywhere for a full year. The subscription cost for subsequent years costs only $180. The information is updated every week or two throughout the year. Placing an order is simple and may be done online.

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